1. To provide every learner of a second language with further opportunities for extending their knowledge and experience of the cultures of other people as well as opportunities for personal and intellectual development, further studies, pleasure and work in the English medium; and
  2. To enable every learner to prepare for the changing socio-economic demands resulting from advances in information technology; these demands include the interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure, study and work in the English medium. 

Students will be able to:

  1. Think and communicate;
  2. Acquire, develop and apply knowledge;
  3. Respond and give expression to experience;

and within these contexts, to develop and apply an ever-increasing understanding of how language is organized, used and learned.

Activity: Book sharing

On Tuesdays, it's English Day! Students do various activities including book sharing which they talk about a book they read and broadcast it on campus TV. Apart from the information on the book cover, students give a brief summary, talk about their favourite characters, the setting, conflicts and resolution, and the best parts in the book. Additionally, they can illustrate their favourite scene with drawings and colour. This activity helps develop students’ appreciation of reading, story-telling, creativity and imagination, and gives them an opportunity to share it with their schoolmates as well.

Welcome to our book sharing programme!
What is your favourite character?
Please lend it to me!
This is an interesting book.
This is an interesting book.
Activity: Drama Appreciation

To nurture students'awareness and develop their abilities to appreciate Western drama, our English teachers arranged a drama appreciation for our drama class students, watching “The Scarlet Pimpernel紅花俠 at the auditorium of Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre on 13th October, 2017(Friday). Based on the adventure classic, this story is all about loyalty. Loyalty to your country, to your friends and to the ones you love. Will the Pimpernel be able to outwit the Chauvelin? It also widens our horizons in understanding the French Revolution and its impact to the world.

Activity: English Fun Day

On Tuesday, 30 January 2018, our school hosted the English Fun Day Carnival. The event was co-organised by a group of English Ambassadors with all English teachers'valuable involvement.

Fair preparation was well under way, ably managed by our English team led by the Panel chairpersons. This year, it's all about different categories of language games!  We've got various amusing games lined up for the pupils, fabulous arts and crafts activities, lots of stalls and great candy stalls.  After filling in the questionnaire with an instant Ipad Apps, pupils got the treat instantly.

Thundering sound of audience cheering and hands clapping reveal the degree of involvement of pupils as well as the triumph of the puppet show are unsurprisingly extraordinary.

Every stall has been managed by our senior students and their hard-works should be well deserved to give them applaud!

Activity: Movie Appreciation

This year's Movie Appreciation was for the movies “Smurfs – The Lost Village” for P4-6 and “The Snowman ” for P1-3. The movie was appropriately themed with the students sharing the excitement in watching an English film with their friends. They're also tasked to answer a fun worksheet afterwards. Watching a movie was a fun and entertaining activity and nurtures an appreciation of English in an engaging way.

Excitement and surprise! What a show!
Activity: Croucher Science Exploration

The Amazing Earth Show was brought to our P4-P6 students on 21st March 2018 by Croucher Science Week. The show was presented by leading science communicators from around the world to engage our students and teachers with a series of performances and interactive workshops. It sets out to stimulate natural curiosity, teach scientific methods and approaches, and to help our students to explore inquires of science. After the show, students will be able to ponder fundamental questions of science.  

The fun begins!
What will happen?
That's it!
Guess, what is it?
We are invincible!
Go! Go! Go!
Activity: Drama performance

To live, to eat, to perform with confidence

On Fridays, we held the drama class with select P4 to P6 students. The students were enthusiastic, energetic and fairly independent, taking on roles on their own and exploring different ways of expressing them. This year’s drama performance was the classic tale “The Sky is Falling In.” It's a playful show involving a flock of feathered animals, fairies and a monarch that break into song, dance and occasional comedy. The backdrop and costumes were rich in colour and variety, as were the students'and teachers'efforts in putting it all together. The students worked hard on delivering their roles with appropriate tone and body language, and the experience nurtured not only their creativity but also their confidence in stage performance, drama and English.

Activity: Drama workshop training

On 25th May, a workshop organised by SCHOLAR for participants to learn and practice basic acting skills through instruction, theatre games, exercise and activities designed to teach while having fun.  Instruction is geared to stage acting with some introduction to acting for other media as well.  Topics include character development, monologue work, scene work, timing, movement, pantomime, voice, and much more. 

Listen, something strange!
Acting is to perform!
Come on, speak from your heart!
Activity: How to read and write workshop

Delivered by a keynote speaker, Jenny Chung from the Education Bureau on the topic of ‘How to read and write better’. Our Primary 6 students have been presented with engaging and powerful information about developing reading and writing proficiencies on 31st May 2018 respectively. Strategies of reading and writing will empower them to posses the literary skill to face different challenges in the coming future.

What a difficult question! Give me an idea!
What a difficult question! Give me an idea!
We are focusing!
What about this answer?
Our guest speaker
Activity: The Journal of Jeremiah Scrimshaw

To raise the awareness of students in participating drama education and for the sake of enhancing their confidence in public speaking, our English teachers arranged a drama appreciation programme for our Drama class students and P4 students, watching “The Journal of Jeremiah Scrimshsaw” at the hall of St. Stephen Church College on 25th June, 2018 (Monday). By the end o the show, participants will have na opportunity to practice their English listening, speaking and writing in a fun and challenging way through being the actors of the show and perform The Journal of Jeremiah Scrimshaw with the Native English Actors. It also widens their horizons in understanding the etiquette of appreciating the English Drama.

Thanks for organising the show!
Do I look like a driver?
I am "WANTED".
Is that a dream? We are the King and Queen.
Your Majesty!
Stand still!
The show is about to begin!
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